How To Access Your Pet’s Records Through The Patient Portal

Access your pet’s reminders at any time using the EPetHealth Patient Portal.

Follow these easy steps!

1. On our website,, click on MY PET’S MEDICAL RECORDS.

2. At the prompt, enter the email address associated with your pet’s records at our hospital and your password and click “log in.” If you have not set up your patient portal, you will need to click “first time login” instead.


3. Once you are logged in, the default page will display your pet’s basic information, such as age and weight. To view your pet’s reminders, click on “Reminders” in the box at the lower right hand side of the page titled “My Pet’s Records.” This list will tell you when your pet’s vaccinations and labwork is due next. If you click on “vaccinations,” you will get a list of when the vaccinations were GIVEN. Make sure you click “reminders” to get the correct information.