• How To Choose A Pet Carrier

    Aug 26 2015

    When Kit Kat came to his appointment this week, he got carsick on the way and vomited his last meal in his carrier.  Then he accidentally got his feet in…

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    Rambo Comes To Instagram!

    Jul 21 2015

    If you’re a fan of our office cat, Rambo, head over to Instagram to follow his brand new account! See cat selfies and Rambo’s photos and thoughts on the following:…

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    FAQ’s About Fecal Testing

    Jul 14 2015

    When our office staff calls to confirm your appointment with your pet, you may have noticed that we always ask you to bring a stool sample.  It’s not because we…

  • 9 Tips For Traveling With Your Pets

    Jun 12 2015

    Summer is here and that means vacation!  Many families travel with their pets.  If you’re taking your cat or dog on a trip with you, or are traveling with them…

  • 5 Tips For Sleep With Pets

    Jun 08 2015

    Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to maintaining your health, but making the most of those eight or so hours is not always an easy task.  A snoring partner,…

  • Q&A: Kids Ask Pet Questions

    May 22 2015

    Thanks to Dr. Danna for answering these questions! Q: What is the grossest thing you’ve ever seen? (Question submitted by Olivia, age 4) Maggots!! Maggot infested wounds on a pet…

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    The Connection Between Tapeworms And Fleas

    May 12 2015

    Fleas on your pet are more than an itchy annoyance.  Fleas are also a vector for many conditions, including infestation with tapeworms. The tapeworm that infects cats and dogs, Dipylidium…

  • Beware Dr. Google: Finding A Reliable Veterinary Information Website

    May 05 2015

    Last year, one of our technicians was having persistent lower back pain.  In an effort to determine if this was a problem worthy of a doctor’s visit, she visited a popular…

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    Could Your Pet Make You Sick?

    Apr 20 2015

    When a patient presents with an illness, be it conjunctivitis, an upper respiratory infection, or a gastrointestinal virus, we are frequently asked by owners, “Can I catch this from my…

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    4 Compelling Reasons For Yearly Bloodwork

    Apr 10 2015

    While humans ideally visit their doctors for routine screenings and exams once yearly, dogs and cats should be seen more often.  Since our pets age much more quickly than we…