May 25 2016

June Pet Of The Month Is Gabriel!

In 2007, a couple, Beverly Antaeus and Robert Hayes, who happened to own a 35-acre animal sanctuary called Bridging the Worlds, were driving down Interstate 5 in Santa Fe, New Mexico on their way to a poetry reading when they spotted a lanky dog running down the highway. They pulled over and coaxed the dog to get in the car. True to his nature, “Drifter” knew a good thing when he saw it. The couple went to the reading and brought the dog back to their sanctuary where he enjoyed all sorts of care for a leg that had been broken and had healed on its own.

They weren’t expecting to adopt him out because he had a limp, but when Sarah saw his photo up at the yoga studio where she worked, she immediately fell in love. She hadn’t been looking for a dog, but Drifter looked so much like the dog she had a child, she knew they were destined to be together. She renamed him Gabriel, after her old dog, Gabriella. As it turns out, Sarah was also a writer and the two connected over their love of poetry.

Flash forward to 2009 and the leg that gave Gabriel trouble now and then and had been considered inoperable received a new diagnosis. A doctor in Maryland was able to do a femoral head osteopathy on the leg, removing the head of the femur and creating a false joint out of ligaments and muscle. Gabriel enjoyed many years gallivanting on all four legs until just recently, at age 12, when the leg finally gave out. The scar tissue had built up to the point of immobility and to top it off, the hip got infected. The best solution this time was amputation. Dr. Danna jumped in both before and after surgery, providing Gabriel with treatments such as laser and Traumeel injections. Gabriel had his surgery at Veterinary Orthopedic and Sports Medicine on Tuesday, May 3, and now he is pain-free and learning to walk (and sometimes run!) on three legs.

Gabriel’s sanctuary:

For photos of Gabriel as “Drifter,” see:

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