Apr 01 2016

April Pet Of The Month Is Tundra!

This stunning beauty is Tundra, a Dogo Argentino.  She was 4 months old in this photo, but will eventually grow to about 90 pounds.

Tundra’s dad, Brian, says this:

Dogo Argentinos were originally bred in 1928, and are a mixed breed consisting of: Great Dane, Boxer, Bull Terrier, English Pointer, and 7 more breeds (none being the pitbull, although they do look similar).

They have been bred specifically to allow better socialization with other dogs and are well suited for group environments. They get along with other pets in most rural and urban settings ranging from a complete outdoor farm dog to urban housing with a small yard, to crowded apartment buildings. Because aggressive traits are purposely bred out, attacks on humans or other pets are extremely rare.

Some key attributes to the Dogo Argentino breed standard are a short and completely white coat, all black nose, webbed feet, brown triangle shaped eyes, square jaw, cropped ears, and their thick undocked tail which is great for knocking drinks off any coffee table shorter than 3 feet tall!

Tundra is a sweetheart and loves to cuddle and nestle herself under while sleeping. When she sits, her butt doesn’t touch the ground. She has barked only about 3 times since I brought her home. She is fed a raw diet, but loves fruits and vegetables. Tundra can be spotted in the Brewer’s Hill area. If you see her walking around please come say hello!

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