Mar 01 2016

March Pet Of The Month Is Benson!

Benson is a fluffy, intelligent, fun loving 8-month-old Labradoodle! His full name is Benson Demus after his former big brother Nico Demus. He is full of energy and puppy kisses! Benson loves every one and everything! Each day is a new adventure for this young pup! He loves taking walks to the park, chewing sticks, chasing leaves, running after birds, meeting new furry friends, and playing with his best friend, Stella. They are in “puppy wuff!” Benson’s favorite game is playing “Franken Daddy” at home during which is dad chases him around the house like Frankenstein. His other favorite activity is cuddling with his mom and keeping her warm! (Or maybe that is hers!) Recently, Benson experienced his first snowfall, and it was a big one! He enjoyed the Baltimore Blizzard so much that his parents think he may be part polar bear! Benson will be a big brother in July! He is already preparing his parents for a baby by waking them promptly at 6:30 am each morning. Benson is truly a spectacular pup! He hopes to meet you at the park someday!


bsah6244 | Pet of the Month

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