Jan 06 2016

January Pet of the Month is Remy!

From roaming the streets of Fells Point to ruling his new roost in Hampden, Remy is a cat that knows what he wants. A true sweet talker, just like his House of Cards namesake, there’s no denying that this “cool cat” is taking full advantage of domestic life without losing his feral charm. He loves dipping his paws in cereal milk, bopping his big bro Donut on the head, hypnotically watching the toilet flush, and jumping into the fridge (EVERY time it opens). He hates waiting for breakfast, waiting for dinner, waiting for treats, and not being allowed to play in the trashcan. At only 11 months of age, Remy has already developed a refined palate and hopes to co-author a cookbook with his canine brother.

bsah6244 | Just For Fun, Pet of the Month

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