Sep 01 2015

September Pet of the Month Is Donut!



French Bulldogs have been referred to as “clowns in the cloak of a philosopher,” and Donut is no exception. With a personality more human than canine, he brightens the room with his giant smile and can clear it with a single fart. Adopted from the boonies of Pennsylvania, Donut has called Baltimore home since the summer of 2010. He loves regulating at the p-a-r-k, begging al fresco diners for food, sleeping with his tongue out, and watching Dogs 101. He hates the sound of frying, his humans’ lint roller, poorly played harmonicas, and taking the stairs. Donut currently splits his time between Canton and Mt. Vernon. When he grows up, he hopes to become a restaurateur.

bsah6244 | Pet of the Month

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