Dec 08 2014

Spotlight On Staff: Madison

Photo Dec 03, 11 14 39 AM

If you have been in our office, chances are you have met Madison, one of our office cats.

Madison is five years old.  She was rescued as a kitten from the streets of Baltimore City and came to live at BSAH.

Mady, as we affectionately call her, is an unflappable cat.  Barking dogs don’t bother her.  She is not a lap cat, but loves to have her belly rubbed, especially if she can lie on top of important papers at the same time.  She hates having her nails trimmed and especially hates having her ears cleaned, but holds still for both procedures, although she hollers the whole time.

Madison can usually be found lounging on the reception desk, hogging a chair, or sleeping in her bed under the desk.

bsah6244 | Spotlight On Staff

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