Jun 13 2017

June Pet Of The Month Is Marge!

Marge was born in South Florida and used her big brown puppy eyes to land a spot in her Dad’s heart the second he saw her. She was an eight pound ball of wrinkles and love. She scampered around Delray Beach, Florida for 4 months until moving up to West Hartford, CT. It was there when she found a little brother in Chunk. Since then, her nap time has not been the same.

We all moved down to Baltimore in 2012 and have lived next to Patterson Park for 4 years now. Marge likes to nap and sit at the front window of her house and judge people walking by. Her life goals include: taking a nap, getting that mailman guy, killing one of those dang squirrels and taking another nap. She will kill you if you hurt her little brother, Chunk, but she still hates him to his face.

She loves her Dad more than anything…except napping. Her favorite days are sleeping in til noon and waking up to Dad rubbing her tummy while she stretches out to get ready for breakfast and then a nap. And she loves her friends at Boston Street Animal Hospital, where they always show her the proper amount of love she should receive by everyone. She is the diva of Baltimore and nothing less than love and admiration will suffice. She is gonna take a nap now.

bsah6244 | Pet of the Month

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