Oct 03 2014

October Pets Of The Month! Kosmo And Kramer!


Kosmo & Kramer are two-year old seal point Siamese cats, a breed known for their distinctive meows and intelligence. Adopted from Siamese Cat Rescue Center, Kosmo & Kramer were rescued from a shelter in Zephyr Hills, Florida and eventually made their way to Baltimore on the Meezer Express – the free transportation service from SCRC.

Although they are littermates, their purrsonalities are very different. Kramer loves to play fetch with his toys; Kosmo has no time for toys – they are beneath him. Both boys love to play with Q-tips, straws and pens. Kosmo loves to cuddle; Kramer finds cuddles torturous but is powerless to a good back scratch. Kramer is the self-appointed Neighborhood Watch Captain and runs to the window to investigate when he hears voices outside; Kosmo is much slower to warm up to strangers. They both love chicken, tuna and Pecorino Romano. They also share the ability to open cabinets and a love of watching television. If not watching the Orioles, you can find them catching up on Seinfeld. 

bsah6244 | Pet of the Month

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