Dec 12 2013

Welcome to the BSAH Blog!

Welcome to the brand new Boston Street Animal Hospital blog!

A blog, or weblog, is a constantly changing website consisting of posts or entries.

Many of you already follow us on Facebook and we love that!  Facebook posts are limited in terms of content, and depending on when or how often you are online, you might miss updates.  With our blog, you can visit any time you like and read as many posts as you wish, search by keyword or topic, and get in depth information on a variety of subjects.

Once a month, we’d like to feature a patient, so if you’d like your cat or dog to be a star, please email us for more details.

We look forward to expanding this space and if there is a topic you’d like to see us discuss, please drop us an email.

As always, this site is not intended for emergencies.  If you have an urgent question, please call the office at 410-522-9090

All photos and material are the property of Boston Street Animal Hospital.

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